We Have Done So Much, but There’s So Much To Do!

Schools for Sustainability:
The Mission

Schools for Sustainability establishes and operates self-supporting high schools that teach and model proficiency in integrated water remediation, renewable energies, food production, use of green building materials, and waste management to foster sustainable economic development in under-resourced regions.

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What We Are Doing Now

Schools for Sustainability has partnered with Arcadia University to take a group of 15 first year and transfer students to the Dominican Republic this spring. Once in the Dominican Republic, we will spend 4 days doing service projects in Monte Plata (Community Surveying, Aquaponics or Organic Farming).

Schools for Sustainability mission to the Dominican Republic

Project #1 – Community Surveys:

One group will be tasked to seek community input in school procedures and operations. The purpose of this survey will be to ensure we create a school that will benefit Dominicans, as they know what it is they need. While the whole class will be introduced to qualitative research methods, this group will spend time reading, writing and thinking more about how to do qualitative research in the Dominican Republic.

Project #2 – Aquaponics:

The second group will work with local experts to build an aquaponics unit that will be utilized by Schools for Sustainability. The students will conduct research prior to departure on the logistical aspects, as well as the research on the impact on water conservation, and they will also be writing a brief literature review based on the research in this area.

Project #3 – Organic Farming:

Students in this group can run “tests” for the design team in order to determine the best location for the farm. The students can work alongside horticulturalists and permaculture experts. They will learn what a site needs in order to be a “good farm.” Students in this group will do most of their learning by interviewing horticulturalists and permaculture experts prior to the trip to learn what kinds of methods are used for a test run.

How to get involved:

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You can help support our Schools for Sustainability/Arcadia University mission to the Dominican Republic this spring by donating to our Indiegogo campaign. Learn more and donate today by following this link:

Donate to our Indiegogo Campaign

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Please send your resume to aramosreynoso@gmail.com with “Volunteer” as the subject line.

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